About Us

FIBCORE Academy Pharma Bag
Amir Samadijavan FIBCORE

FIBC is our CORE business!


Founded by Amir Samadijavan, a globally well known expert for FIBC with a successful records for more than 20 years.


for quality, safety and sustainability within the FIBC supply chain.


Facilitate a forum for innovation, best practices and sustainable thinking.

All team members


To be the #1 Technology Platform for FIBC with the purpose to bring significant change with special focus on:
Faire share of business
Quality & Safety
Social Responsibility
Innovative thinking


  • 1
    FIBCORE envisions

    Success as a whole, as an independent technology platform we add value and promote best practices to all stakeholders in FIBC supply chain

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    Conveying knowledge

    Raising awareness for quality, safety, sustainability and social responsibility

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    FIBCORE Specification Tool

    Roll-out across the supply chain to promote standardized technical specifications for FIBC