Webinar “Introduction of IEC 61340-4-4, static protective FIBC and implication across FIBC supply chain” by Amir Samadijavan

This standard sets requirements for testing and using of static protective FIBC of types  B, C, and D. As very important part, this standard introduces various types of single and multi-layer Inner-liner and sets approval procedure for using them in combination with FIBC.

This webinar will address the following topics:

    • Discharge mechanism and discharge type
    • Type A, B, C and D, test procedures and acceptance criteria
    • Approved Liner types L1, L1C, L2 and L3, test procedures and acceptance criteria
    • Approved FIBC / Liner combination
    • Correct Labelling, size of label and safe materials used for label
    • Practical advises, considering Atex regulation and MIE of product
    • Quality Control measures for manufacturers
    • Obligations for Manufacturer, Traders and Users


Duration: 60 minutes including 15 minutes for QAS session
Date: March 29th 2022, 15:00-16:00
Fee: Euro 290


Mar 29 2022


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm



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Dr. Amir Samadijavan
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